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About Us

We are an Atelier offering high-quality metal painting services.

Our essence is distilled into the head of a designer, and the heart of an expert craftsman. Materica is a team of expert craftsmen with refined taste, practical expertise, and a keen eye for detail.
The word Materica derives from the adjective ‘material’, which itself means ‘relating to matter’

We exploit exclusive metallisation techniques, along with powder and liquid coatings, to create expressive, innovative finishes using textured paints, and unique and unusual materials. We’re able to transform a variety of materials into luxury objects and artefacts. We bring out the beauty and purity of materials, taking them to the next level.
Materica is able to answer the growing demand among architects and interior designers for finishes that bring out the true essence of materials, providing a high degree of customisation.


The story behind the Materica logo


the ability to perceive using our senses. Our sensing function allows us to perceive facts and how they’re manifested.


our intuitive function allows us to perceive through our unconscious, or to perceive unconscious events. Intuition is all about perceiving how facts correlate, as well as their essence, and the importance of synchronicity.


our thinking function allows us to interpret information based on whether or not it is correct. Thought follows and creates the laws of cause-and-effect logic.


our feeling function allows us to interpret information based on value judgements, and whether something is right or wrong. Feeling follows and creates a set of ethics.

Thinking is opposite to feeling, and combining opposites allows us to evaluate the world and our lives, and to form a rational perspective. Intuition is the opposite of sensing, and together, these two functions allow us to perceive the “irrational” world.


Everyone possesses a unique mix of these functions. Some people benefit from a mix that’s less influenced by emotions, and is more refined, and well-functioning, thereby collaborating well with our conscience, and remaining less evident as a consequence. Each opposite function is what we call a “shadow function”, these are our more primitive (and infantile) functions.


Our shadow functions can often emerge forcefully from the unconscious with specific symptoms, toppling the rest of our functions off balance.

Each function tends to rely on one of two similar functions but not on its directly opposite function. The function that best supports the primary function is known as the secondary or ‘support’ function, while its opposite is known as the ‘mediating’ function. The support function wants to get noticed. If left untreated, it often manifests as an antagonist, opponent, or saboteur. When consciously approached and treated with care, we’re able to emotionally connect with our wounds and heal them, thereby opening the door to individuality and creativity.

Our logo is the ‘cross of matter’ (expressed by means of an icon that represents planet earth and symbolises the finite nature of phenomena in time and space). The cross within the circle is a visual representation of the above.

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