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Metallisation involves applying real metal to various different types of non-metal surfaces.

Using an electric arc gun, we melt 99.9% pure metal wires before spraying them directly onto the desired surface.

A metallic film is created, thereby transforming the product.

Following years of experience using zinc wire for purely anti-corrosive purposes, at Materica, we decided to experiment with metallisation for aesthetic purposes, using metals such as brass, copper, bronze, aluminium, and weathering steel.

These different metals can be applied to ferrous surfaces, as well as to solid wood, MDF, OSB, marble, glass, fibreglass, ceramic, earthenware, stone and plastic, which are pre-treated to ensure metals are able to adhere to them.

From mirror-polished brass to oxidised copper, and an infinite number of textures, the aesthetic possibilities of this technique are truly infinite, resulting in wonderfully unique artefacts and projects.

Metallisation essentially turns the un-metallic metallic.

Metallisation has some distinct advantages, such as:

  • Use of quality metals
  • Variable coat thickness.
  • Application on components of all shapes and sizes.